WOTS goes Stavanger Norway, ICSEI January 2019

 In Algemeen

Last year our team presented the first version of our tool; the game ‘WOTS’ ‘We Own The School’ in a innovate session at ICSEI 2018 in Singapore. We discussed about our game and the way how you can use the game in different schools in different parts of the world. The goal of game is to talk with your students, teachers and school organization about ownership for students in your school and how you can change ownership of the students in our school(s). Last nine month we worked hard on a new version, using all the feedback we got from our network from ICSEI 2018. We played the game on different congresses, and schools nationality (Netherlands) and the broad. The international congress for school effectiveness and improvement 2019 (ICSEI 2019) provides us with a unique possibility to accelerate and intensify our research and to start an international community for ownership of our student in the school all over the world. The model will be shared, refined and improved in the workshops and presentation sessions. We invite participants in our ICSEI workshop to discuss how students, teachers and school leaders/principals can work together to enhance the development of ownership in their schools. https://2019.icsei.net/

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